Course: Spring 2017

Section and Course Guidelines

TA: Iris Malone

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Office hours: Wednesday 2-3 p.m., Thursday 2-3 p.m., or by appointment


(1) Thursday 9.30-10.20am, Encina West 106

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Email is the best way to contact me. I promise to respond to your emails within 24 hours. All email contact should have a subject line that begins with PS1.

Office Hours

Office hours and location are listed above. Please feel free to drop-in to talk about the assignments, course material, or anything else you need. If the listed hours above do not work, contact me, and we’ll find an alternative time to meet.

Missed Section

If you miss a section, you will receive credit as if you participated in that section if and only if: (1) you missed the section for reasons beyond your control, i.e. illness, scheduled athletic event, or family emergency; (2) you notify your TA prior to the scheduled section or demonstrate why advance notification was impossible; and (3) you write a one-page commentary on the readings for that section and submit it electronically to your TA by 11:00 a.m. on the Monday following the section you missed. The one-page commentary will count as your participation for the week.

Unit 1. Political Institutions and Governance

Week 1. What explains variations between countries?

Additional Resources.

Week 2. What is autocracy?

Additional Resources.

Week 3. What is democracy?

Additional Resources.

Unit 2. Poverty and Inequality

Week 4. What explains variation within countries?

Additional Resources.

Week 5. What explains variation between countries?

Additional Resources.

Unit 3. Environmental Politics

Week 6. Tragedy of the Commons

Additional Resources.

Week 7. Environmental Policy

Additional Resources.

Unit 4. Political Violence

Week 8. Rationalist Explanations for War

Additional Resources.

Week 9. International Organizations and the Long Peace

Additional Resources.

Week 10. Terrorism and Civil War

Additional Resources.

Created for: POLISCI 1. The Science of Politics.

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